This interval-style class is built on a foundation of The willPower Method® concepts and fueled with high-end anaerobic drills. The result is sculpted, flexible muscles, healthy joints, and a cardio system that’s on fire!

TABATA  is a trending method of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It’s exciting and challenging. willPower IGNITE® follows the traditional TABATA system of timing.

The goal for a traditional TABATA is for the student to push themselves into an anaerobic zone early in each drill and continue to work to muscular fatigue.

What makes willPower IGNITE® different?




Our HIT workouts are alignment based, focusing on technique before intensity, which makes it a perfect for students of all levels. Our exercises are safe, and feel good even though they are appropriately intense: from the neophyte to the athlete. You’ll practice exercises from a array of disciplines: yoga, Pilates and functional bodyweight.

After learning through repetition, you’ll recognize your personal accomplishments as you advance a little bit more in each class, fueling compliance to the workout and leading to self esteem.

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willPower IGNITE® is available to our Phase II Licensed willPower Instructors, as a home-study course in wIN.  The instructor training kit includes educational concepts, videos, class designs, music playlists, and marketing materials.

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