willPower & grace® is a group exercise workout that enhances every lifestyle.  Like a superfood, a small dose goes a long way; and it’s got the power to strengthen, invigorate, and protect.

It’s the full-body, barefoot conditioning program that athletes need, and the calorie-burning cardiovascular solution that mind-body practitioners have been searching for.



  • The muscle conditioning of cardio-sculpt

  • The intensity of boot-camp

  • The self awareness of a yoga practice

  • The discipline and alignment of Pilates

  • The uplifting philosophy of a meditation session

A fusion of postures and drills, this workout is as philosophical is it is physical; a full-body functional workout meets sports psychology. We integrate the smartest and safest Foot Fitness exercises to strengthen your feet and enhance your balance while simultaneously conditioning the entire body and yielding a high caloric burn. This unique workout is fun and interesting for students of all levels.

willPower & grace® is an equipment-free group exercise workout created by International Fitness Presenter and Foot Fitness Expert, Stacey Lei Krauss. It earned 4 stars from Health Magazine and holds an esteemed ECA OBOW Award. The workout is now taught by skilled,  inspirational fitness professionals from around the world! willPower & grace® workouts can be found across the USA and United Kingdom, as well as in Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Italy and Turkey.