“I am strong, I am confident,

I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Strong, healthy habits should begin at a young age, and last a lifetime.  willPower for girlPower® is meant to empower girls, tweens and teens.

willPower for girlPower® begins as a 6-session program which teaches girls a balanced approach to getting fit; enabling them to “Work Smarter, Not Harder”. Our fundamental mission is to educate, inspire and MOVE young women, teaching them to get fit, understand smart nutrition and develop positive philosophies.

We help girls land on their feet… gracefully

willPower for girlPower® was developed for girls ranging from the ages of 8-18years old.  girlPower is built on the foundation of the willPower programs: Sole Training®SEVEN STEPS TO WILLPOWER® and willPower & grace® 

We encourage our students to tap into their willPower physically: through smart, functional exercises – and emotionally: through guided discussion.

girlPower® is an ideal program for JCC’s, YMCA’s, after-school programs, Girl-Scout troops, crisis centers, and young sports teams.If you are interested in having willPower for girl power® brought to your community, or if you know of a group that will benefit from the willPower approach, please contact us.

willPower for girlPower® is available to our Phase I Licensed willPower Instructors, as a homestudy purchase in wIN.  The education package includes administrative forms, registration materials, parent releases, class designs, music playlists, and promotional materials. girlPower® instructors will have special girlPower access wIN, and receive a manual, DVD, and video download for study and preparation.

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