Adapted from an ancient practice called The Five Tibetan Rites, this workout is perfect for athletes to use as a warm-up or a cool down, for active adults who are on the go and short on time – or stuck in hotel rooms… this is even a great workout for families – kids love it!


The workout is just seven simple exercises… offering a multitude of benefits. As a practitioner, you will flex, extend, twist, tone, tighten, strengthen and stretch. You will enhance your balance and your posture. If performed vigorously, you’ll get a solid cardiovascular response.  If performed slowly and methodically, the workout is attainable for students of any fitness level, shape, age or size. The idea is “just move a little bit, every day”; keep your body circulated and energized.


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Public Seminars

A 2-hour workshop designed for school systems and corporate environments, we can bring this energizing workout to your organization! With over 10 years of presentation experience, Stacey Lei will motivate and inspire your team towards healthy active changes, through movement and affirmation. In addition to unveiling the rich tradition and compelling story behind The Five Tibetan Rites, your team will learn how to modify the workout for their fitness level and to integrate the exercises into their life in the most positive way. This 15 minute workout is easy to perform in a classroom or a cubicle… why not provide your group with the tools they need to move towards a healthy, fit lifestyle?

The Seminar is complete with a DVD for each participant for home practice.