will·pow·er | [wil-pou-er] | noun

  1. The trait of resolutely controlling your own behavior.
  2. Self-control
  3. The act of controlling one's destiny through the power of one's own thoughts

synonyms: courage, determination, firmness, fortitude, grit, guts, moral fiber, nerve, resolve, spunk, stamina, tenacity, toughness

Imagine how you would feel if someone told you this: “Get ready! On January 1, your life will officially turn into a dream. Your dream can be a nightmare, or just a weird dream with lots of symbols and signs, or it can be incredible – an amazing perfect dream.” Which would you chose?

Guess what? Your life is your waking dream. Yes, really. You have the ability to build a life that seems like an incredible fantasy… or you can sabotage your dream in a wave of distrust, disbelief or pity. Judging or victimizing yourself will help you to create your nightmare. (yikes!)

There’s no guarantee of disaster-free in any world religion, but love, faith and knowledge give men hope and willPower – Toba Beta

Your life is whatever you decide to create. You have the ability to set your intention and act towards making it a reality. The more faith you have, the closer you will get to achieving your dream. Without listening to all those around you who remind you to “be careful” – instead, you can jump wholeheartedly into your dream of dreams… and live the incredible life that you sometimes whisper about (living by the ocean, climbing the career ladder, traveling to distant lands, having a baby, falling in love with your perfect person.)

Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive – no matter what they feel – by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear.” – Dan Millman

One simple example of willPower is when you decide to give up a bad habit. Eating sweets, biting your nails or watching late night TV are all examples of habits you may be better without. What is the value of giving these things up? What if you HAD to? Could you? Of course! Then what are you waiting for? Just do it.

Another example of willPower is bringing things into your life that you want. Making more money, becoming more social, or being brave in times of doubt are good examples. If you HAD to, could you? Right. Then what are you waiting for?

WillPower is NOT easy. It may mean trying and failing, and trying and failing. You may be challenged by judging yourself, trying and failing some more. Building willPower is strength building. But guess what? If your actions reflect these words: Persistance, tencacity, dedication, commitment, you will ultimately reach your desired state.

Sharp point: ACTIONS must match your words. Words are only words. willPower is a thought followed by action.

Courage is a moral quality; it is not a chance gift of nature like an aptitude for games. It is a cold choice between two alternatives, the fixed resolve not to quit; an act of renunciation which must be made not once but many times by the power of the will. Courage is willpower.” – Charles Wilson

Philosophy In Action

This week, build mental strength, increase your willPower. ACTIONS must match your words. (Words are only words). Act. Productivity is the root of self-esteem... and it all begins with willPower.

Mind Games: Your Weekly Mantra

Train your brain.  This week repeat to yourself: "I can. I am. I will."

Color Your World

The color of the month is pagoda blue. This color resembles teal and signifies wisdom, truth and optimism.

Chakra Therapy

The chakra to focus on this month is the throat chakra. For this chakra to be balanced it is integral to use your willpower.  Follow all your spoken words with action.  This being said - choose your words wisely.

Sole Training

Do you take the time, every day, to wiggle your toes? If you want to build a strong and healthy foundation – you’ve got to begin in your mind.  Got willPower?

Higher Education

If you haven’t read it yet – what are you waiting for? WILLPOWER : Baumeister & Tierney


  1. Casey
    Thursday, December 5th, 2013 at 7:05 am ·

    Great timing! I’m introducing the wP program at a new facility today and willPower as word of the week is a perfect fit for first timers.

  2. Tracy Miller
    Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 at 11:22 am ·

    “Courage is willpower”

    Wow, interesting……I’ve never heard it referred to in that way before.

    I’m gonna let that simmer for awhile.

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