risk | [risk] | noun, verb


  1. a danger, a peril to which a thing is exposed.
  2. a venture undertaken without regard to possible loss or injury


  1. to venture upon; take the chance

synonyms: adventure, chance, danger, exposure, gamble, luck, opportunity, peril, plunge, possibility, venture

Security is a kind of death. Tennesee Williams

This week, awaken your soul – take a risk:

  • Run the yellow light
  • Wear the platforms – if you fall, you’ll just stand up again.
  • Ask him out – he’s been waiting.
  • Try beet juice, and kale… they’re good for you!

Book the ticket – adventures await…and the money will come. Walk away if you really know in your heart that it’s best – you’ll be OK.

Flowers are budding, grass is sprouting. Although some days are still a little cold, dark and a bit rainy, remember the promise of a new season. The exuberance of life and growth is inside you, and you can unleash it…with a dose of risk. You create your life, and when you move with integrity, trust that you will be just fine…

“Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down.” -Ray Bradbury

Philosophy In Action

Think back to a time when you had a creative vision or a really big idea. Did you brush it aside as being too risky or time consuming? If so, this week, re-visit that idea and your first step to follow through. Harness the security and confidence you've activated in this month, and take a risk on a new pathway.

Color Your World

The color for the month of April is Cayenne. This fiery variation of red aids your driving energy, helping you to be adventurous and enthusiastic.

  • Enterprising
  • Vitalizing
  • Envisioning

Chakra Therapy

On a psychological level, the root chakra is associated with your survival instinct. When balanced, the 1st chakra will help you find comfort and self-confidence when in an unknown situation.

Sole Training

This week, include jumps in your exercise routine. Practice taking up more space than you are accustomed to; vertically or horizontally – land safely, and be proud of your accomplishment, knowing exactly how to land on your feet.

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  1. Kath
    Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 at 9:16 am ·

    Risk Haiku–

    Throw it on out there
    Will goodness come back (or not?)?
    Life’s all about Risk


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