con·trol | [kuh n-trohl] | noun

  1. power or authority to guide or manage
  2. restraint, reserve

authority, check, clout, determination, discipline, guidance, limitation, management, manipulation, qualification, regulation, supervision

Pull the string, and it will follow wherever you wish. Push it, and it will go nowhere at all. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Control is a balance between drive, awareness and release.
With drive we need direction,
through awareness we stay guided,
as we release, our spirit soars, and we control our destiny.

Be Like Water.

Water: easily adaptable, can freeze and thaw
it can expand and contract
It’s strength, astounding: icebergs form land masses, cracking the core of the earth
Crashing waves tear buildings from their foundations; devastating.
Water can boil – and burn:
Stagnant water fosters disease
Water flows around the most stubborn obstacles. rarely stopping, although its direction and speed may change.

Water is Divine.

When YOU release rigidity and instead become like water, your journey becomes a reward. You control your destiny. Mother Nature herself is constantly changing, flowing, adjusting. The weather in the springtime is a constant variable – one that creates a hopeful, easy-going and patient attitude…the promise that good things await, Mother Nature–one woman whom we will never control. When we enjoy what she offers at each moment, we are in synch with the energy of the earth and the universe… we arrive exactly where we should be.

You can’t always control the wind, but you can control your sails. Anthony Robbins

Philosophy In Action

Last week, you may have taken a detox challenge. This week practice balance and moderation. Know that when tested, you have the strength and control to make smart choices for yourself. In the end, balance does a body good.

Mind Games: Your Weekly Mantra

Use your words to master your mind.  Say this often "I have control"

Color Your World

Fill your body with the color of the month: Cayenne. This passionate shade can invigorate and strengthen your sense of solid ground while being tested. Cayenne pepper increases metabolism by effecting on the circulatory system. It feeds elements into the cell structure of capillaries, veins, and arteries and helps adjust blood pressure to normal levels. Cayenne cleans the bad (LDL) cholesterol and triglycerides in the arteries.Cayenne is also great for the stomach and the intestinal tract, aiding in elimination.

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  1. Kath
    Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 at 1:34 pm ·

    Control Haiku

    Am I in control?
    How can I feel most in charge?
    Wait…do I need to?


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