be·lieve | [bih-leev] | verb

  1. To accept as true or real
  2. To have firm faith, confidence, or trust.
  3. To have an opinion; think.

synonyms: accept, accredit, affirm, conceive, credit, deem, regard, suppose, think, trust, understand

Do you believe that you can create your own reality; with everyone and everything in it? Do you have absolute faith in your potential? Will you set a goal and attain it? Do you have the tenacity, the motivation, the willPower to create the changes that you want to make? Don’t waste your time in guilt or misunderstanding. This is just wasted precious energy and time. (Yes, my dear, I’m talking to you.)

“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason the believe.” Voltaire

In the Yogic practice, there are two interpretations of posture. One is that you should make adjustments in your posture so that it &lsquo’fits” your body; the concept is that you should never be too uncomfortable that it distracts you. The other philosophy is that to grow, and strengthen yourself, you will place yourself into uncomfortable positions – sometimes you will boarder pain. When you find yourself there – you should breathe and relax and believe that you are crossing a threshold.

“To believe in something and not to live it is dishonest” Gandhi

Believe in crossing a threshold, and finding strength, dedication, commitment and conviction on the other side. Change is not always a fun work in process – and it’s certainly not easy… but the benefits are priceless.

Ultimately, please recognize this truth:

This is your ride.

You are the passenger and the driver of your very own chariot.

Fuel it well.

Use good directions; a smart roadmap.

Experience this life and everything that it will offer you.

“In order to believe, you first have to believe.” Martha Graham

Philosophy In Action

This week take the time to help someone believe in their own strength so that they may learn how to self-preserve. Once they have learned to harness self-belief, they will pay it forward to someone else, and that same empowerment will find itself back to you one day.

Color Your World

Coral blush has a silver tone to it. This silver tone signifies the value of change, reflection and receptivity

Chakra Therapy

The purpose of the 1st chakra or root chakra is self-preservation. Belief and self-confidence is the basis of survival on your path of life.

Sole Training

Do you believe that thousands of people are kicking off their shoes and learning to run barefoot? It's true. Even folks who have never run before are learning the pure freedom associated with a short, effortless, barefoot run.

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