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Hot by June: Week 15

By now, you should have the confidence to be including the entire segment in your classes, with a 45-second static holds per exercise.

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Pro Deals in win

Once you’ve passed your evaluation, membership has it privileges! Learn more about the pro discounts exclusive to licensed instructors.

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Media Speaking Points

willPower & grace® is a unique program for many reasons. If you are invited to speak to the media be sure to know your elevator pitch!

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Hot by June: Week 16

This week, take a risk in your classes, by making connections with your students.

PLANK TEAM RALLY | the willPower Method®

Is BLACK (really) BETTER?

I decided to conduct a small experiment to “test” the value of one of The willPower Method’s® trade secrets: “black uniforms”.

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Class Design: Sunrise

This class design by TT Stephanie Sandherr is a foundational Phase I class design with a small twist. Complete with colorful cues and downloadable playlist.


Peel Down/Peel Up

According to Joseph H. Pilates, we are only as young as our spine is flexible. So – in Peel Down/Peel Up, our focus is on our goal: slowly and precisely articulating the spine. In this Video Tip, Jen demonstrates colorful cueing by speaking to the chakras and awakening our energy centers.

Diabetic Foot

Barefoot Objections: Diabetic Foot

Students and instructors express their concern regarding the diabetic foot. Read on to learn about this serious condition, and how to manage this concern in your willPower class.

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Class Design: Getting Hot!

Are you getting Hot By June? This class design by TT Sheri Fox (Sweden) shows you just how easy getting hot can be.


Addding HEART-felt emotion

Develop your next class so that EMOTION plays a larger role, and enhances the value of in the repetitive practice. Of course, this will take some practice on your part, but the more you practice, the more vital and inspiring your class will become for your students.


Squat with Rotation into Grand Plie

willPower instructors sometimes find it challenging to transition from the parallel sequence into turnout. In this tip, Brenda nails it! This purposeful transition draws on a smooth abductor prep before stepping gracefully into the Grand Plie.