Before Uploading Your Evaluation

Do you have more than one video clip to upload?

Please do your best to shoot a full one-hour class onto ONE video to upload.  If your video gets cut into numerous segments, you’ll need to link them together into a single file for a proper upload. For more information about combining multiple clips together, visit our video editing guides for Mac, or for Windows.

Did you shoot your video in full HD (1080p) or 4K?

For the best results, and the least troublesome uploads, we prefer to have you upload files that are a maximum of 720p or 750MB. If you shot your video with an iPhone or other smartphone, you probably shot in the default HD setting, which results in a very large file. These source HD files can take many hours to upload. Please export your file into a smaller, compressed format prior to uploading. If you need help exporting your file into an appropriate upload format, visit our export guides for Mac, or for Windows.