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Planning Your Phase II Internship

You’ve invested into education, your 90-day internship period is critical. Use this 12-week guidance to help you plan to become a stronger willPower professional, and ROCK your evaluation.

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Evaluations: Phase II Scoring Criteria

Be prepared before you videotape – we’re expecting a lot from you in your Phase II Evaluation! No surprises though – everything we’re looking for is right here for you to study. Show us your BEST!

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Evaluations: Videotaping Your Class

We understand that taping your class causes anxiety. Don’t fret. Here’s a complete list to prep you for the videotaping process. You’re gonna be great!

Evaluations | willPower Instructor Network

Combining Multiple Movie Clips in Windows Movie Maker

This guide is for users of Windows and Windows Movie Maker, and will help you to Import and Export your evaluation video to our site. Please allow yourself at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to learn and understand this process.

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Evaluations: Extension Guidelines

If you are unable to videotape your class within your 90-day internship period due to extenuating circumstances, you may apply for an extension.

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Re-Assessment Guidelines

If you are concerned about your Evaluation score… no worries! You may re-asses as many as 3 times to gain a higher score.

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DC: Private Coaching Procedure

As a Development Coach, you will now be able to schedule and be paid for your expertise, beyond the evaluation. Please be familiar with the following procedure.