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Here’s a place to chat about all that is willPower in a closed network setting. Have you got questions? This is the place to rely on your team for answers.

Sweat | The willPower Method®

Sweat It Out!

Stimulate the skin during willPower by ensuring your students work up a sustained sweat during the workout. Learn why, and how to manage a slick floor.

Barefoot Objections YUK!

Barefoot Objections: Plantar Warts

Over the years, we’ve had students and instructors express their concern regarding plantar warts. Read on to learn about them, and how to manage this concern in class.

Diabetic Foot

Barefoot Objections: Diabetic Foot

Students and instructors express their concern regarding the diabetic foot. Read on to learn about this serious condition, and how to manage this concern in your willPower class.

Plantar Fasciitis

Barefoot Objections: Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a common condition and these students may be reluctant to train barefoot due to their severe pain. However, moving their feet will actually alleviate their symptoms! Learn more about PF here.


What is willPower Barre-Fusion®?

willpower Barre-Fusion® is a hybrid workout combining ballet, Pilates®, yoga and The willPower Method®. Understand what makes this program unique and marketable to your members.


Barre-Fusion®: The History Of Barre Workouts

Barre-type workouts originated decades ago! Learn why this “trend” is a smart tool for students of all levels. Understand why maintaining integrity in your teaching is the key to program longevity.

Ben Breathless

Get Breathless, Baby

wP&g® is typically taught as steady-state cardio- endurance. But changing to a cardio-interval workout is an interesting way to keep the workout fresh, and a smart way to challenge your advanced students.


Barre-Fusion®: Reap the Benefits

What makes Barre-Fusion® different from the rest? Feel good about this new program you are teaching ad EDUCATE your students about what sets us apart. Knowledge is Power!


Barre-Fusion®: How to use WOW

Remember, Barre-Fusion® is a willPower Method® program: infused with positive philosophy. Start here for easy WOW implantation.


Barre-Fusion®: Class Introduction

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! The intro to your Barre-Fusion® class is important to prepare your students. If you prepare their expectations, you can deliver 100%!

willPower IGNTIE® preclass

The Importance of National Certification

If you ask your clients to put their hands behind their head during a squat, you might notice an excessive curve in their lower backs. Is that safe or not safe?

coaching | The willPower Method®

Private Development Coaching

Private Coaching includes tutorials and practice assignments which elevate your willPower teaching skills and help you to become more successful as a well-rounded fitness professional.

education | The willPower Method®

Education: willPower Training Audits

Auditing a course is a great way to refresh your knowledge, and revisit information that you may have missed your first (or second) time through the course.


Barre-Fusion®: FAQ’s

Please be patient as we refine and define all aspects of the willPower Barre-Fusion® program. Your questions will help our education team develop a stronger education program.

Coaching| the willPower Method®

DC: Private Coaching Procedure

As a Development Coach, you will now be able to schedule and be paid for your expertise, beyond the evaluation. Please be familiar with the following procedure.