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Story’s Claps: The Musical

What a fun way to explore Story’s Claps! This video is of Teacher Trainer and Development Coach Brenda Pineyrua from Puerto Rico, as she taught at the 2012 willPower Summit in Denver, CO.

Using WoW with Authenticity | willPower Instructor Network

Use WoW Authentically: A Weekly Practice

Using WoW sometimes may feel a bit contrived. Print this document and take 15 minutes to fill it, as a helpful tool for using WoW authentically.Uplifting and motivating philosophy is…

PLANK TEAM RALLY | the willPower Method®

Is BLACK (really) BETTER?

I decided to conduct a small experiment to “test” the value of one of The willPower Method’s® trade secrets: “black uniforms”.


ROCKSTAR workout: class design template

It’s time to plan out your willPower ROCKSTAR class design and music. Use the attached template and follow these simple steps for a successful and polished class.

Sweat | The willPower Method®

Sweat It Out!

Stimulate the skin during willPower by ensuring your students work up a sustained sweat during the workout. Learn why, and how to manage a slick floor.


Music: Barefoot Warm-Up Songs

This song-list is a compilation of Barefoot WarmUp songs – along with some excellent tips about how to open your class with a WOW-factor.


Addding HEART-felt emotion

Develop your next class so that EMOTION plays a larger role, and enhances the value of in the repetitive practice. Of course, this will take some practice on your part, but the more you practice, the more vital and inspiring your class will become for your students.


Fresh Energy Recipe Lab

Are you STALE? FRESHEN UP, sweetie! Think of it this way: energy in = energy out. (Even the refrigerator that keeps your veggies fresh requires energy, right?) In willPower, you don’t need to memorise new choreography – just put effort into updating and re-vitalizing your cues, format and playlist.

video tip Squat with Rotation

Coach Squat with Rotation using WoW

In this video, instructor Raeanne Niemer, demonstrates an effective way to incorporate the Word of the Week into the Squat with Rotation exercise.