Hot By June

Use this video to review the Hot by June sequence, choreography and cues.


Happy Endings

Stacey Lei Krauss gives cueing tips for Happy Endings.

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Phase II willPower & grace® video

Kick off your shoes and pull up your computer – it’s time for YOU to take a willPower & grace® workout with one of our very BEST: Teacher Trainer Jennifer Gentry!

SQUAT HANDS TO THIGHS | The willPower Method®

Manual & DVD Update: Squats

In your Phase I manual, the Squat exercise is shown with hands on thighs and wide elbows. This repetitive wide angle position *could* potentially sculpt a wider back frame.

REVERSE ROTATION | The willPower Method®

Manual & DVD Update: Reverse Rotation

In our Phase I Manual, we do not offer a Level 2 or Level 3 progression for this exercise. Now we have one for you to use in your class this week.