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Combining Multiple Movie Clips in Windows Movie Maker

This guide is for users of Windows and Windows Movie Maker. If you have a Mac, please use the OS X Guide.

If possible, always try to record your class in a single video clip. This will make it easier to upload your evaluation. If you only have one video, then you can skip to the guide for exporting your video (Please read the notes under “Export your Movie” below for guidelines for the best upload).

Windows Movie Maker User Guide

These steps have been taken from the Windows Movie Maker User guide to highlight the most relevant steps for preparing your Evaluation for upload.

Importing your Video

  • Importing Video from a digital camera, hard drive, or memory card:
    • If you shot your video on an iPhone or other smartphone, follow the “Digital Camera” instructions, connecting your smartphone via a USB cable
    • When importing your video in Movie Maker, steps 9 and 10 are used to combine multiple clips into one storyboard (one movie)

Export your Video

  • How do I use custom settings to save videos?
    • in Step 7 of the “To create a custom setting in Movie Maker” section, set the width to 1280, and the height to 720. Choose a bitrate of 2048kbps for a smaller file size, and faster upload.
    • if you have already imported your video using the steps above, you can skip to step 4 of the “To save a movie using a custom setting” section; please note what location you chose to save the file to, this is the file you will choose when you use the “Choose File” button on your Evaluation Upload page.
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