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Combining Multiple Movie Clips in Apple iMovie

This guide is for users of Mac OS X and iMovie. If you have a Windows PC, please use the Windows Guide.

If possible, always try to record your class in a single video clip. This will make it easier to upload your evaluation. If you only have one video, then you can  skip to the guide for exporting your video

Below you will find links to instruction guides.  Also read our notes under “Export your Movie” below for the best upload experience.

iMovie (2014) User Guide

The following steps have been taken from the Apple iMovie Help guide to highlight the most relevant steps for preparing your Evaluation for upload.

Importing Video

Create a new Movie / Video

  • Create a new movie
    • when asked to choose a movie theme, please choose the first option – No Theme.
  • Select one or more clips
    • please avoid adding unnecessary transitions or effects to your movie
    • do not add any additional audio or music tracks to your movie

Export your Movie / Video

  • Export a QuickTime file
    • in Step 3 of this guide, under the “Resolution” setting, please choose a 720p (1280 x 720) or lower format for a smaller file size, and faster upload.
    • in Step 6 of this guide, please note what location you chose to save the file to, this is the file you will choose when you use the “Choose File” button on your Evaluation Upload page.
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