After the time, money and effort that you’ve invested in The willPower Method®, we will be sorry to see you go. Our goal is to provide plenty of tools to keep you motivated, educated and inspired for many years – so that you will always make a small income from teaching a class that you love.

Please pay careful attention to our Trademark Policy and Licensing Policy.

willPower & grace® and the willPower & grace® movement sequences are protected by trademark law. The willPower Method® grants ONLY licensed Instructors permission to use the willPower & grace® class name and movement sequences. You carry your license to teach this program through your continued membership to wIN.

If you discontinue wIN for any length of time, you will forfeit your position as a willPower Method® instructor, along with the use of the trademarked names and movement sequences, and you will be removed from our website listing.

If you wish to reinstate your license, you will be required to submit a successful evaluation to reactivate your wIN membership. The fee for associated reactivation is $199 (including the evaluation), and is subject to approval of the Development team.

willPower Productions actively monitors trademark infringement in order to maintain quality control and the highest industry standards.

If you still wish to cancel your willPower instructor status, your first step is a 5-minute exit survey.  Thank you for your honest answers.

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

willPower Teacher Trainers and Development Coaches guided by program creator, Stacey Lei Krauss. This Team develops tools to enhance your professional skills and fuel your motivation.

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