This segment includes:

  • Squat Series
  • Functional Lunge Series
  • Single Leg Balance Series
  • Stretching Series

Squat Series

TARGETS: Gluteal Fold; Quadriceps

  • 2 Sets of 8 Reps/ 2 Sets of 8 Pulses

1.  Level 1: hands on thighs
2.  Level 2-3: interlace hands behind back

DIFFERENT THAN wPg: In the Barre-Fusion squat, hold knees together. Focus on the Gluteal Fold as you cue the Concentric movement (the UP-lift) of the exercise.

Functional Lunge Set Up

  • 1 Set of 4 Reps

TARGETS: Back Leg and Gluteal Fold Engagement

  • Single Level Exercise

Functional Lunge

TARGETS: Gluteal Fold, Thighs

  • 2 Sets of 4 Reps/ 2 Sets of 8 Pulses

Level 1: Hands the thighs
Level 2-3: Interlace hands behind back

DIFFERENT THAN wPg: In our Functional Lunge we focus on the back leg engagement- using the butt to push you up: fighting gravity.

Single Leg Balance in Tree

TARGETS: Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Medius opposite leg

  • 1 Set of 8 Reps

1. Level 1: Extreme Basic use wall
2. Level 2: Big Toe down
3. Level 3: Big Toe on Big Toe

DIFFERENT THAN wPg: In Single Leg Balance we want to use our Smart Toes and start with a slight bend in the standing knee.

Balance Leg Inner Thigh (Attitude)

TARGETS: Inner thigh, Gluteus Medius Standing leg

For each of the below: 2 Set 4 Reps/ 2 Sets of 8 Pulses

Level 1: Extreme Basic
Level 2: Big Toe down
Level 3: Keep Big Toe elevated

Balance Leg Abductor (Attitude)

TARGETS: Outer Thigh, Gluteus Medius Standing Leg


Plantar Flexion & Rotation

TARGETS: Foot & Ankle

Plantar Flexion

TARGETS: Top of the foot

Standing Figure Four

TARGETS: Gluteus Medius on Standing Leg

Crescent Lunge

TARGETS: Hip Flexor

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willPower Education Team

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