Pank Challenge Rules and Regs

Plank Challenge: Event Rules & Recs

After so much hard work, give your Plank Challenge participants the respect of fair and equal discipline. Download the attached Rules & Recommendations for your Event!

Hot by June Jan | willPower Instructor Network

Hot by June: January

It’s time to begin preparing for spring with our next Seasonal Challenge… HOT By June!


Plank Challenge: Certificate

What says ACHIEVEMENT better than a beautiful certificate? Provide your students with a great takeaway – even if they don’t win the challenge.

Hot By June Feb | willPower Instructor Network

Hot by June: February

Since February is about love and companionship, this month’s HBJ post is dedicated to the emotional aspects required for goal setting and change.

Renee Split | willPower Instructor Network

Hot by June: March 1

We’re 8 weeks into our Hot By June Seasonal Challenge so how much have you progressed toward your goal of a split?

JennD Split | willPower Instructor Network

Hot by June: March 15

During final two weeks of March we focus on building trust, through our WoW’s Trust and Clarity.

Diaz Split | willPower Instructor Network

Hot by June: Week 14

WEEK 14! Seasonal Challenge is about testing limits, and exploring self-imposed boundaries and stepping outside the box… because what IF you had to?

student split | willPower Instructor Network

Hot by June: Week 15

By now, you should have the confidence to be including the entire segment in your classes, with a 45-second static holds per exercise.

HBJ | willPower Instructor Network

Hot by June: Week 16

This week, take a risk in your classes, by making connections with your students.

Social Media Tree

Hot by June Social Media Posts

Grab this list of GREAT Hot by June posts that are FB and Twitter friendly – and will make your club management really proud!


Hot By June

Use this video to review the Hot by June sequence, choreography and cues.

SPLIT Hot by June

Hot by June: A Happy Modification

Here’s a super-simple Extreme Basic Option for our students who suffer with knee pain during our traditional hamstring stretch. Phase II Instructor Katie…

WP Summit-50

Plank Challenge Training Chart

The word document attached here will offer you additional coaching tips, and a write-able chart that you can give to all of your students and personal training clients. Customize it, in order to help each client reach his personal best by the Plank Challenge Week in December.

team plank | The willPower Method®

Plank Challenge Client Log

This download is a writeable PDF so that you can keep track of your client’s baseline plank times (and goals) neatly.

Hot by June | The willPower Method

HOT by June: themed playlists

These themed blocks are formatted with the HBJ floor-work series in mind, ending with bench dips. I’ve used all these blocks for the end of willPower IGNITE® class as well – they’re great!

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.43.46 PM

Hot by June: A Happy Ending

VIDEO! Adding concentrated stretch at the end provides an honest well-balanced workout, especially when at the end of IGNITE®.