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Plank Challenge Client Log

This download is a writeable PDF so that you can keep track of your client’s baseline plank times (and goals) neatly.

Pank Challenge Rules and Regs

Plank Challenge: Event Rules & Recs

After so much hard work, give your Plank Challenge participants the respect of fair and equal discipline. Download the attached Rules & Recommendations for your Event!


Plank Challenge: Certificate

What says ACHIEVEMENT better than a beautiful certificate? Provide your students with a great takeaway – even if they don’t win the challenge.

Using WoW with Authenticity | willPower Instructor Network

Use WoW Authentically: A Weekly Practice

Using WoW sometimes may feel a bit contrived. Print this document and take 15 minutes to fill it, as a helpful tool for using WoW authentically.Uplifting and motivating philosophy is…


ROCKSTAR workout: class design template

It’s time to plan out your willPower ROCKSTAR class design and music. Use the attached template and follow these simple steps for a successful and polished class.

Sole Training® | willPower Instructor Network

Sole Training® Reflexology Chart

When teaching the Sole Training® self-massage sequence, having photo-copied handouts of a reflexology chart for your participants is a nice touch.…

WP Summit-50

Plank Challenge Training Chart

The word document attached here will offer you additional coaching tips, and a write-able chart that you can give to all of your students and personal training clients. Customize it, in order to help each client reach his personal best by the Plank Challenge Week in December.

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“Why Black?” Student Handout

Level 2 Instructors wear black, and encourage students to do the same. This article offers some insight for Phase I instructors, and gives everyone resources to gracefully coach students.

WoW | willPower Instructor Network

WoW 2016 Calendar

The 2016 WoW Calendar will help you organize and prepare for your classes in advance – also plan for parties, fundraisers, and vacations!

girlPower booklets | The willPower Method®

girlPower: Take-away notebooks

Add great value to your willPower to girlPower® program. You can create & print these adorable booklets directly from your home printer.


girlPower® SEVEN STEPS® handout

A student handout for THE SEVEN STEPS TO WILLPOWER® exercises, so that the girls can practice the sequence on their own. Also learn about a special girlPower exclusive sale!