Plantar Fasciitis

Barefoot Objections: Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a common condition and these students may be reluctant to train barefoot due to their severe pain. However, moving their feet will actually alleviate their symptoms! Learn more about PF here.


Feet: 26 Bones

This easy-to-follow, education lesson is only 10 minutes, and will give you an excellent understanding of the bones of the feet.


Singapore Business Times interviews SLK

When the Singapore Business Times wanted to interview SLK – she thought it would be a great opportunity to promote wP&g®. Instead, the interview took a “sharp right” into barefoot running. Read some great answers to our most common FAQ’s here!

Sole Training® | willPower Instructor Network

Sole Training® Reflexology Chart

When teaching the Sole Training® self-massage sequence, having photo-copied handouts of a reflexology chart for your participants is a nice touch.…

Sweat | The willPower Method®

Sweat It Out!

Stimulate the skin during willPower by ensuring your students work up a sustained sweat during the workout. Learn why, and how to manage a slick floor.

willPower FIT STUDIO lobby

The Rock Garden

Our willPower studio opened with an incredible and beautiful feature… a rock garden. Our clients were amazed to learn that it was actually one of our tools to help strengthen and mobilize their feet.

BTS study Guide | The willpower Method®


Stand tall with the confidence that you can TALK feet! Attached is EXCELLENT study guide to prepare you for your BTS exam.

Stacey Lei Krauss


Interview with SLK – About The willPower Method® In this episode of Stop Chasing Pain, learn about SLK, the history of…

Barefoot Objections YUK!

Barefoot Objections: Plantar Warts

Over the years, we’ve had students and instructors express their concern regarding plantar warts. Read on to learn about them, and how to manage this concern in class.

willPower FOOT WORK

What About the 5th Toe?

The wlllPower Method® pays CLOSE attention to all 5 toes, including the 5th – during Sole Training (both massage and standing sequence) as well as (Phase 2) the full body exercises.


Foot Anatomy

Download the attached document for easy-to-read anatomical information about the feet.



The new willPower education launched May 1 2018 along with our new class formats. Please learn the new mat format – video here!


Ankle Sprain Risk Test

Read about this simple test to predict your risk of an ankle sprain. Consider doing an “ankle screening” at your facility – and then following up to show increased ankle stability after 3 or 6 months of regular participation in willPower classes.



The new willPower education launched May 1 2018 along with our new class formats. Please learn the new FLOOR format – video here!

Diabetic Foot

Barefoot Objections: Diabetic Foot

Students and instructors express their concern regarding the diabetic foot. Read on to learn about this serious condition, and how to manage this concern in your willPower class.

P2 design | willPower instructor Network

Why Phase II?

We’ve developed the secret sauce in balancing “pre-programmed workouts” with “freestyle teaching”. We’ll guide you to create individually unique willPower experiences.


willPower IGNITE® Basics: Start Here

Congratulations! You’re about to begin your journey into a brand-new willPower Method® program. Start here to get your footing – let us help you maneuver through wIN.