Instructor and Teacher Trainer Suzy Yeagley presenting a masterclass.  She  prepared her students in advanced - and they wore black.

Share your best with the team!

The beauty of The willPower Method’s® repetitive sequence is how each instructor approaches the exercises with her “own flavour”.  We want you to develop a class that is fully branded, but still quite unique. This being said… we all need inspiration!

Do you use a unique philosophical cue that breathes life into a willPower exercise, a smooth, interesting transition, or  a TVOPAV cue that works wonders for you? Shoot a quick video with your phone and upload it here. Collectively as a team – imagine how we’d inspire each other?  Smart, fresh approaches from all around the willPower world…

If we choose your video, we’ll highlight your video in wIN and promote you on social media.

video requirements:

  • Clear audio, and full view of your whole body
  • Camera should be “landscape” orientation (horizontal)
  • Speak to the video viewer as if she were a member in your class
  • 3 minutes or less… this is PLENTY of time :) (Don’t rush.)
  • Begin the video by introducing yourself by name, city and state, then give a brief description of what you’re about to show us.
  • After your intro, just speak / lead as if you are teaching this exercise / sequence to a class


  • Unique transitions between 2 or 3 exercises that are not on the Mile High or EDU DVD
  • Unique TVOPAV or NASAD cues that were not discussed in Phase II
  • A thoughtful philosophy cue in conjunction with an exercise that is not on EDU or Mile High DVD
  • A cool variation of a willPower exercise which is either a smart modification or progression of what we do

(does that make sense? You’re not limited to the above – but show something that the rest of the team will appreciate and use)

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