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willPower IGNITE®: bodyweight flyer

Create a buzz in your facility before you launch your newest willPower Method® format! This flyer will appeal to the students who are curious about bodyweight interval classes.

willPower IGNITE® warmup

IGNITE® The Warm-Up

The warmup of a workout sets the tone for the entire session. The IGNITE® warmup feels upbeat, exciting and drill-based – with clear goals that need to be established during this important part of class.

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Hot by June: A Happy Ending

VIDEO! Adding concentrated stretch at the end provides an honest well-balanced workout, especially when at the end of IGNITE®.


IGNITE® drill: Rising Lava (UPPER)

Found in Launch ONE: this is an intense full-body supine exercise that comes directly from our 15-minute workout; THE SEVEN STEPS TO WILLPOWER®.