Be a Better Instructor: Move With Integrity

It’s your job to help students integrate willPower (self-control) into their lives, but who helps you build YOUR willPower? Take some sound advice from an incredible role model: Level 3 instructor, international investment banker and national fitness competitor Sarah Ingmanson.

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As a willPower & grace® Instructor, you should advertise your classes, and become a recognized personality in your community. Here are some simple social media messages, which will help you get started.

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Class Design: Surrender

This Phase II class design submitted by Sara Haley is fun, spunky, and includes plank challenge.


Curtsey Step Back

In the Curtsey Step Back, postural alignment is crucial to the integrity of the exercise. Often, we instructors will observe our students hinging forward at the hip. Standing tall will help recruit the gluteus medius – a critical muscle which assists with pelvic stability (and looks hot when it’s tone!). In this tip, Brenda does a great job of breaking down this exercise in a new way, and gives our students some great visual and proprioceptive assists.

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Phase II willPower & grace® video

Kick off your shoes and pull up your computer – it’s time for YOU to take a willPower & grace® workout with one of our very BEST: Teacher Trainer Jennifer Gentry!


Foot Anatomy

Download the attached document for easy-to-read anatomical information about the feet.



The Pelican represents freedom and control, united (as most birds do). During this exercise, once you, the instructor, guides your student into a strong posture and solid balance, you have the opportunity to introduce the balance challenge of your choice. In this Video Clip, Renee does an excellent job of achieving all goals of the exercise, using the TVOPAV Principle. Notice use of Vestibular (head turn), Proprioceptive (reaching arms, twisting body), and Visual (finding a new focal point). Refer to pages 65-69 in your Phase II manual for more TVOPAV.


irade Kartvizitler

Avete gli strumenti per commercializzare te stesso in un settore competitivo? Solo istruttori ufficiali possono acquistare i nostri affari Metodo forza di volontà ® carte di marca.

Barefoot Objections YUK!

Barefoot Objections: Plantar Warts

Over the years, we’ve had students and instructors express their concern regarding plantar warts. Read on to learn about them, and how to manage this concern in class.

P2 design | willPower instructor Network

Class Design: Summer Lovin’ (and Summit ’13!)

Dubbed “classic” willPower & grace®, this is the exact workout that she taught as the Sunday morning workout at the 2013 willPower Summit. Get your Power Music discount for Season 5, expires August 10.