What’s willPower for girlPower®?

If you are passionate about making exercise and positive philosophy part of your life, broaden your horizons and teach to a new market. Use the attached PDF download as a promotion piece as you pitch girlPower to club directors – the testimonials speak for themselves!

willPower for girlPower®

willPower for girlPower® Promotional Flyer

Personalize this promotional flyer with your club name, session dates and price to promote your willpower for girlPower® session; then distribute or post in your facility announcing your next girlPower session.

girlPower booklets | The willPower Method®

girlPower: Take-away notebooks

Add great value to your willPower to girlPower® program. You can create & print these adorable booklets directly from your home printer.

girlPower NJ | The willPower Method®

girlPower®: Fitting it All In

In girlPower®, the one-hour time frame can be challenging. Don’t stress out! Your focus is on developing powerful, confident girls. I’ve got some great tips for helping you stay on track.


girlPower® SEVEN STEPS® handout

A student handout for THE SEVEN STEPS TO WILLPOWER® exercises, so that the girls can practice the sequence on their own. Also learn about a special girlPower exclusive sale!

girlPowerR image | willPower Instructor Network

girlPower: more footnotes

Here you’ll find an easy-to-print footnotes document for your girlPower class. You’ll also find a BLANK footnotes document so that when you are ready to move beyond your 6-week session, you can add different words of the week.