ROCKSTAR workout: class design template

It’s time to plan out your willPower ROCKSTAR class design and music. Use the attached template and follow these simple steps for a successful and polished class.



A ROCKSTAR workout is an AMAZING opportunity to bring LOTS of motivation to your standard class format. We’ll give you all the tools so that this event is minimum effort for you, maximum impact with your members!

phase I

Class Design, Phase I: SPRING-Interval

Keep your group motivated, inspired and challenged with this interval class format. The music, available on iTunes, features some familiar tunes remixed and ready to ROCK your classes.

P2 design | willPower instructor Network

Class Design: Phase II Amaze Yourself!

Explore your powerful lows and amazing highs. This interval format will challenge you to search for “your edge”; squat deeper, reach taller. Amaze yourself at what you can do when you try.

water break | willPower Instructor Network copy

Water Breaks with Music Selections

Taking a water break as a group leads to a TEAM approach… and using music as your timer can help you maintain control of your group.

Ben Breathless

Get Breathless, Baby

wP&g® is typically taught as steady-state cardio- endurance. But changing to a cardio-interval workout is an interesting way to keep the workout fresh, and a smart way to challenge your advanced students.


Barre-Fusion®: Class Design 1

Follow this Barre-Fusion® class design to practice the program and begin teaching. Use THIS format with your students for at least 3 months before re-formatting your class.