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In the UK, To use music in your class you need to purchase a PPL license. It is possible to purchase PPL free music but there are limited choices and it can be hard to find, most music requires a level of cover.

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Music: WarmUp Selections

This song-list is a compilation of full-body WarmUp songs created by our willPower Teacher Trainers.

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Water Breaks with Music Selections

Taking a water break as a group leads to a TEAM approach… and using music as your timer can help you maintain control of your group.


Music: Barefoot Warm-Up Songs

This song-list is a compilation of Barefoot WarmUp songs – along with some excellent tips about how to open your class with a WOW-factor.

MUSIC | willPower Instructor Network

IGNITE®: Music

These are the songs used by SLK in the sample class video here in wIN, and are available in the iTunes USA store through the links provided.

Hot by June | The willPower Method

HOT by June: themed playlists

These themed blocks are formatted with the HBJ floor-work series in mind, ending with bench dips. I’ve used all these blocks for the end of willPower IGNITE® class as well – they’re great!

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IGNITE®: Power Music!

From Power Music®: a music mix specifically timed for your willPower IGNITE® class!