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Flyer: Get MEN into your classes!

This 8.5″x11″ color flyer will allow you to market to the MEN in your facility – then the rest is up to you! Also available in Spanish and Italian.

willPower IGNITE®

What is willPower IGNITE®?

Increase your marketability! Teach a new willPower Method® format! This TABATA-style interval class is built on the foundation of willPower Method® and fueled with drills to turbo-fire your metabolism!


irade Kartvizitler

Avete gli strumenti per commercializzare te stesso in un settore competitivo? Solo istruttori ufficiali possono acquistare i nostri affari Metodo forza di volontà ® carte di marca.

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Flyer: willPower is for ALL-LEVELS

Now you can promote willPower to that special group that is sometimes “afraid” to step into your class, with this editable flyer. Also available in Spanish and Italian.

ROCKSTAR workout | willPower & grace®

Is Marketing Your Responsiblity or Your Club’s?

Whether you run your own studio or work for a large corporate organization, if you don’t get enough warm bodies in the room, you will ultimately lose your time slot. so, step up and use the tools wIN offers!


Social media memes

Promote yourself and your classes with these professional willPower memes! Downloads attached.

PLANK TEAM RALLY | the willPower Method®

Is BLACK (really) BETTER?

I decided to conduct a small experiment to “test” the value of one of The willPower Method’s® trade secrets: “black uniforms”.


Be a Better Instructor: Move With Integrity

It’s your job to help students integrate willPower (self-control) into their lives, but who helps you build YOUR willPower? Take some sound advice from an incredible role model: Level 3 instructor, international investment banker and national fitness competitor Sarah Ingmanson.

Social Media Tree

willPower & grace® Social Media Posts

As a willPower & grace® Instructor, you should advertise your classes, and become a recognized personality in your community. Here are some simple social media messages, which will help you get started.

willPower Marketing Banner | willPower Instructor Network

Marketing: willPower & grace® Banner

This formatted design will allow printing of a 4′ x 2.5′ (62″ x 38″) eye-catching banner. Design is free! Just download and print at your local print shop.