Addding HEART-felt emotion

Develop your next class so that EMOTION plays a larger role, and enhances the value of in the repetitive practice. Of course, this will take some practice on your part, but the more you practice, the more vital and inspiring your class will become for your students.

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WoW 2016 Calendar

The 2016 WoW Calendar will help you organize and prepare for your classes in advance – also plan for parties, fundraisers, and vacations!

Using WoW with Authenticity | willPower Instructor Network

Use WoW Authentically: A Weekly Practice

Using WoW sometimes may feel a bit contrived. Print this document and take 15 minutes to fill it, as a helpful tool for using WoW authentically.Uplifting and motivating philosophy is…


Shoulder Twists

As an instructor, you have the unique opportunity to plant seeds for growth and change.  Your students have goals for…

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THAT’s willPower!

The willPower Method® is meant to engage our student’s mind as much as the body. Your task during class is to communicate the definition of “willPower” to your students, by using metaphor.

that's grace | The willPower Method®

this… is grace.

During wPg, you need to communicate the definition of grace to your students. This article compilation of smart cues from willPower instructors which will help you; to incorporate grace in an authentic way.


Barre-Fusion®: How to use WOW

Remember, Barre-Fusion® is a willPower Method® program: infused with positive philosophy. Start here for easy WOW implantation.