What is willPower Barre-Fusion®?

willpower Barre-Fusion® is a hybrid workout combining ballet, Pilates®, yoga and The willPower Method®. Understand what makes this program unique and marketable to your members.


Barre-Fusion®: The History Of Barre Workouts

Barre-type workouts originated decades ago! Learn why this “trend” is a smart tool for students of all levels. Understand why maintaining integrity in your teaching is the key to program longevity.


Barre-Fusion®: Reap the Benefits

What makes Barre-Fusion® different from the rest? Feel good about this new program you are teaching ad EDUCATE your students about what sets us apart. Knowledge is Power!


Barre-Fusion®: Class Design 1

Follow this Barre-Fusion® class design to practice the program and begin teaching. Use THIS format with your students for at least 3 months before re-formatting your class.


Barre-Fusion®: How to use WOW

Remember, Barre-Fusion® is a willPower Method® program: infused with positive philosophy. Start here for easy WOW implantation.


Barre-Fusion®: Class Introduction

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! The intro to your Barre-Fusion® class is important to prepare your students. If you prepare their expectations, you can deliver 100%!


Barre-Fusion® Hot By June

The Hot by June sequence is part of the standard willPower Barre-Fusion® choreography. Notice the modifications from the willPower & grace® Seasonal Challenge.


Barre-Fusion®: Class Design 2

Now that you’ve mastered Class Design One, its time to get creative and switch the segment order, and incorporate some new exercises! Use Class Design Two as an option to your standard format.