ROCKSTAR workout: class design template

Why create a willPower ROCKSTAR workout?  Build a stronger local team of instructors and generate LOTS of excitement for your club members! So now it’s time to plan out your class design and music. Use the attached template and follow these simple steps for a successful and polished class.

1. Develop an interesting class design.  Be creative!

Give your students a unique class format that will keep them guessing… at least a little bit. Download class design template thats attached to this post.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 3.39.20 PM2.  ASSIGN AN INSTRUCTOR TO EACH SEGMENT

Assign a segment that the instructor is really good at.  You’ll find that some instructors really ROCK at flexible strength- well – if that’s their best area – then that’s where they should be highlighted.



(you’re PROMOTING the heck out of this event… right?  just checking….)


3.  Assign each instructor to a time allowance.

Assign a time range for each segment.  So, you see that the time may have some fluctuation  – it may not be exactly one hour. THEN: tell each instructor to search for their music. The songs MUST fit into the time frame given.  For example:  if the assigned time is 10-12 minutes, they cannot submit 2 songs that total 16 minutes, or one song that’s 7 minutes. They must submit music that will fit into the time frame.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 3.45.32 PM


10 days prior to your class, the instructors must send you’re their final songs. Give your instructors iTunes LINK Maker  so that they can send you exactly the version of the song they want. You will need to buy the songs – or you can collect $1.50 per song from each person. Upload all the songs onto ONE iPod, for one fluid playlist. (Then you’ll  have a new playlist!!)

5.  Have a team meeting to discuss and practice your flow

Each instructor must know who is teaching before her- so that she can transition smoothly from the last exercise. So have a quick meeting so that instructors can practice the transitions. Also, discuss handing off the microphone. If you can secure two microphones for that class, it will make things much easier.

ENJOY! Take pictures! Share your rockstar class on social media! #gotwillPower


willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

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