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Pro Deal: Schwinn IC Certification Discount

Whaaaaat? You’re not teaching Indoor Cycling® yet? Well, good thing you waited long enough to get a pro discount just for being a willPower Method® instructor!

Receive a $25 discount on any open club training*

Use the code:  WPM25?

*does not apply to pre or post convention trainings

Please check out Schwinn’s FB page and give a big thanks from you, a willPower instructor – and find an up to date calendar of events.

STUDIO OWNERS: Use the attached PDF download for a screaming deal on bikes and club certifications!!

Stacey Lei Krauss

Stacey Lei Krauss

SLK's primary goal is to keep willPower Method® instructors equipped with the tools they need for success. With thousands of willPower instructors worldwide, her connection with YOU is through wIN! Is there something that YOU think would be a great addition to wIN? Contact SLK directly at