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Press Release: willPower IGNITE®

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PUBLICITY CONTACT: Your name (xxx) xxx-xxxx, Email: xxxxxx

willPower IGNITE®” Coming To XXX (your town)

A unique exercise program, for students of all levels is now available in your area! 

YOUR CITY, YOUR STATE – (MONTH, XX, 20XX) — Fitness Instructor, xxxxx, xxxxx now offers a unique, cutting edge workout at the local fitness facility XXXXXXXX, in XXXTOWN, XXSTATE, on XXDAY, XXTIME.   These classes are open to club members.

With the recent fitness trend of High Intensity Interval Training and, the TABATA workout sweeping the globe, one courageous fitness pro had made the decision to put her (bare) foot down. “The exciting evidence-based research on HIIT and TABATA training is based on elite athletes”, says barefoot fitness expert Stacey Lei Krauss, “As I’ve watched this trend gain popularity at gyms, I’ve seen faulty technique in order to achieve an anaerobic state. Exercise doesn’t have to hurt to be effective, and it certainly should not injure your body. The willPower Method® is smart exercise (instead of hard exercise). Our HIT workout is Holistic Interval Training. You’ll see elements of yoga, Pilates and calisthenics, and we’ll get you to anaerobic, but we’ll begin with a foundation of alignment and precision.” With 20 years of experience as a dancer and an elite fitness instructor, Krauss knows that to be truly fit, the details make a difference.

Krauss created and developed her barefoot program, The willPower Method® in 2000. The most widely recognized class, willPower & grace® is represented by thousands of instructors around the world. Exercising barefoot her entire life, she became acutely aware that most of her students had very little (if any) proprioceptive awareness below the ankles. Mobilizing and stabilizing the foot’s 33 joints is what Krauss refers to as “foot fitness”. Now, as the Lead Fitness Advisor for “The Barefoot Shoe” Vibram Five Fingers®, she advocates her cardio-sculpting program, The willPower Method® and the various class formats. willPower IGNITE® is the newest workout.

willPower IGNITE® is a full-body, equipment-free workout. Combining foot fitness and cardiovascular training as well as flexibility and endurance, this interval format also includes a sports-psychology element; encouraging the development of “willPower: strength of mind”. The exercises are designed with at least 3 different intensity levels, so there is an option for every student. The 4-minute TABATA-style formatted drills gradually increase in intensity, so that students can develop a strong kinesthetic understanding of the movement, before increasing intensity.

The willPower Method® has gained global recognition, through its partnership with Virgin Active, UK, and is now available in our area. You can find this workout at XXXX GYM, in XXXX TOWN.   The class is taught by certified willPower & grace® instructor, XXXXXX NAME.

To learn more, contact:

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

willPower Teacher Trainers and Development Coaches guided by program creator, Stacey Lei Krauss. This Team develops tools to enhance your professional skills and fuel your motivation.

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