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Now that you’ve invested time, funds and effort into expanding your education, your 90-day internship period is critical. Use this 12-week guidance to help you plan to become a stronger willPower professional.

Use your education resources.

The EDU DVD that you received in Phase I is still a VERY valuable tool.  Use the DVD THREE TIMES prior to taping your Phase II evaluation. Bring a laptop to a studio and follow along with the workout,  while looking in the mirror.  Listen to SLK’s cues and look at your personal technique to be certain your alignment is spot-on.  Master the advanced level exercises. As leader of this program you are expected to be fit, and perform the workout with strength and elegance.  Study your Phase I Evaluation feedback and be sure you’ve applied the constructive feedback pieces from your Development Coach.  We want to see that you have made improvements, progressed, and refined your skills.

Create your class design.

You will need to include Story’s Claps, in addition to the REQUIRED class segments in your Phase II manual (page 29). So – develop your new segment flow along with updated music. Teach with this new design for at least 12 classes, so that you are comfortable and well-practiced for your evaluation.

Practice willPower philosophy.

Begin using WoW in your classes, authentically. Using page 54 from your Phase II manual, and the worksheet on page 55, get accustomed to using WoW during class, in a way that feels comfortable for you. Practice “cueing the solution” – use positive messaging.

Speak to the feet.

Begin using NASAD right away in your classes.  In 12 week’s time, you’ll be a pro. Practice them with your students to gain a sense of which NASAD exercises should be included as Level 1, and which are more challenging and would be considered Level 2. Remember – you can use all of the interesting NASAD integration that you developed with your group in the Phase II training!

Find your PASSION, progress with VIRTUE.

Explore TVOPAV options in your exercises to create a unique approach to the willpower exercises class while working within the all  the parameters of The willPower Method®. Remember – you can use all of the interesting TVOPAV ideas that you developed with your group in the Phase II training!

Set your personal goals: USE YOUR CALENDAR.

Every good coach has a plan. Plug these goals into your calendar to help you stay on track.

Weeks 1-2: Solidify your choreography and transitions. Fine-tune your personal technique.  (Keep in mind – you get 5 extra points for just holding a 3-minute plank on film! Do it!) Practice with the EDU DVD one time this week, and be reminded of all those small details you may have forgotten. Review your Phase I Evaluation and be sure that you have made adjustments to the areas where you lost points before.

Weeks 3-4:  Integrate 4-5 TACTILE examples into your class. Practice with the EDU DVD one time this week.  Review your Phase I evaluation and be sure you have implemented all the suggestions from your coach. Integrate 4-5 NASAD additions and cues. Familiarize yourself with the Phase II Scoring Criteria so that you know exactly what we are looking for.

Weeks 5-6:  Integrate more VESTIBULAR into class as an advanced level option. (4-5 exercises).  Practice with your EDU DVD once more – watching yourself in the mirror and making adjustments based on SLK’s cues. Integrate an additional 4-5 NASAD exercises or cues.

Week 7:  Set a recording date. Contact your coach and make a plan. Practice teaching all of the above additions to your classes.  Your cues should be spot-on. Start encouraging your students to wear “willPower Black”

Week 8: Develop and use 3-4 interesting informational cues to enhance PROPRIOCEPTION. Integrate an additional 2-3 NASAD exercises or cues.

Week 9: Review page 52. Be sure you cover most aspects listed in AUDITORY. You should have an interesting playlist.  Integrate an additional 2-3 NASAD exercises or cues.

Week 10: Integrate VISUAL changes and cues into your workout, creating a unique wPg experience.   Organize all the necessary details for videotaping your class.

Week 11: Practice, refine… practice and refine your professional skills, flow and excitement. Use your WoW worksheet to plan for authentic, unique and well-constructed philosophy cues using WoW. Purchase/ Order your Evaluation package. Review guidelines, requirements.

Week 12: Videotape your class, and upload it. Also upload any copies of National Fitness Certifications and CPR.

Trust in you. To be a willPower leader, you will need to walk the walk, and know your information. You will be outstanding, if you “work the plan” and apply honest dedication. Set your standards high, and then work hard to attain them.  This is true willPower.

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

willPower Teacher Trainers and Development Coaches guided by program creator, Stacey Lei Krauss. This Team develops tools to enhance your professional skills and fuel your motivation.

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