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Music: Heart to Heart Selections & Coaching

The Heart to Heart sequence is an opportunity for you to build strength both physically with upper body exercises (push-ups)  & emotionally  (using the WoW) with your students. Your class will take on a unique theme, and your group will LOVE it!

Here’s how:

  • highlight the sequence by choosing a specific song (see below)
  • set the intention based upon the WoW, message in the song,  or events during your specific time of the year
  • choreograph to the song, moving into the heart plank and back out to wrist stretch, pendulum, rock & roll etc.

The Heart to Heart sequence can be moved around within the class design.  For instance, you might choose to place it following the warm up as it will set the tone of the class.  Consider using it between cardio and flexible strength. Or, perhaps you will end the class with the sequence, and send the group home with some WoW thoughts to ponder.  Either way, be creative and it’s a win win.

Here are a few song choices to get you started.  Remember, not every student is in a loving relationship and wants or needs to hear a love song!  Recognize the power of song selections that will uplift, encourage and stimulate willPower. Have fun!


In My Heart  -Moby- 3:19  (SLK’s favorite!)

You and your Heart – Jack Johnson -3:12

The Rhythm of My Heart – Rod Steward 4:16

The Heart of Life– John Mayer- 3:18

Strong Enough – Cher- 3:45

Smile– Uncle Kracker – 3:21

Heart & Soul -T’Pau- 4:16

I Didn’t Know My Own Strength  Whitney Houston-3:23

Shape of My Heart – Sting- 4:38

Strength, Courage and Wisdom – India Arie 4:57

You’ll be in my Heart  -Phil Collins- 4:16

Living in the Moment–  by Jason Mraz- 3:55

I Lived – One Republic- 3:54

Heart of Gold –Instrumental- Fred Benedetti & Peter Pupping 3:08

I Believe in Me – Torrey Mercer-4:11

I’m Alive  – Kenny Chesney & Dave Matthews- 3:18

The Stuff That Dreams are Made Of – Carly Simon-4:27

I’m Stronger -Glee Cast- 3:23

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

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