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Before reading this post, it would be wise to PRINT your class design, so that you can look at it while you read this information.  It will help you visually connect all the required parts :).

A fundamental piece of the IGNITE® program is YOU – You need to be a strong, direct, disciplined coach. You can still use the Word of the Week, and be inspirational and motivating – but IGNITE feels different than willPower & grace®. It needs to be clear from the beginning that you expect a lot from your students: energy, precision and drive.

Remember – coaching is a 2-way street.  Your students need to trust you.  Your students need to have faith that when you say 20 seconds, it’s ONLY 20 seconds,  and that a 10 second rest is an HONEST 10 second rest (they deserve it!)

You’ll need a basic stopwatch timer for Wall Sits and for Hot By June. Of course, you can use a wall clock, a wrist watch, your phone or a tablet.

A Tabata timer is a required piece of equipment for your class.  you can have your timer on your phone or a tablet- and your students should be able to SEE the timer. Plan to prop it in the front of the room – or another easily visible place.

There are various Tabata timers available for free for smart phones and tablets.


Tabata Pro

Our favorite is  Tabata Pro: the app costs $2.99  We prefer this app because you can essentially set up your entire class in advance and you will be perfectly timed without guess work. This timer allows you to program 6 Tabata drills (each with eight 20 sec. work :10 sec. rest) with 2 minutes of stretch/ prep and recovery in between.

You’ll have the opportunity to assign colors to each segment.  We like: Green for work (green means GO), Red for 10 second recovery (red means STOP) and Yellow for stretch and prep. If you condition your students to watch your timer, it will help you out… in case you find yourself talking (by accident of course) longer than you should.

The Tabata Pro timer settings are easy to use.  Go into SETTINGS and set up your profile. It should look like this:


  • This program is set up for SIX Tabatas, each with 8 rounds.
  • The work (green) cycle is 20 seconds followed by  recovery (red)  10 seconds.
  • The stretch and prep  (yellow) time is 1:50 (because you’ll have 10 seconds from the last recovery – to complete the total of 2 minutes recovery / set up)

A CRITICAL piece of timing the rounds is letting your clients know “how many more?”… Be sure to read COACHING THE ROUNDS, in addition, use these cues, and make up some of your own:

  • This is only Round 3 – you should be defining your level and refining your skills
  • Team – it’s Round 4… you’re already half-way there
  • Team – it’s Round 4… start counting your reps!
  • Team – this is Round 7 – you should be reaching your threshold now!
  • This is Round 7 – you only have one more after this… PUSH yourself!
  • This is your FINAL Round – it’s the last time you’ll see this exercise tonight!

Remember – you will need to be very clear with timing expectations for the wall sit.  Similar to coaching plank, you should set a GOAL for your clients, give OPTIONS (level 1, 2, 3) and then be an honest timer. Read more about setting goals for your wall sit.

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

willPower Teacher Trainers and Development Coaches guided by program creator, Stacey Lei Krauss. This Team develops tools to enhance your professional skills and fuel your motivation.

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