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Putting together music for willPower IGNITE is similar to willPower & grace® in that you have the freedom to choose your own songs. The guidelines, however, are slightly different, since students are NOT working on rhythm


130-145 (yes – that fast!)! Since you are encouraging people to work OFF rhythm, and pick up speed at the end, faster songs are sometimes better.


Well – this is similar to wp&g – if you use lyrics – they’ve got to have positive messaging.

With regards to using lots of lyrics: remember – you have a lot of coaching. If your students are distracted by words, they might not listen to you. However, songs with lyrics can be sprinkled in… especially after week 5 or 6 when your students become familiar with the exercises.


Do you remember that line in your Phase I manual that read: “We multi task well”? So – here’s your chance to put that to practice in a big way. By round 6, 7 and 8… when you’re coaching your students to “Meet it or beat it”! When you are building the intensity… raising your voice, shouting WHOOO HOOO… well – get yourself over to the stereo and raise the roof! (Or – the volume).

Just remember:  by the STRETCH… you’ll need to lower the music again. No one wants to stretch to screaming loud music.

suggested starter song list

Try out these songs for your class.  Notice that there are very few lyrics, yet the music is fun, driving and upbeat.

The song choices below do not reflect a class design- but instead, they are song choices that you can try out in class. These are also the songs used by SLK in the sample class video here in wIN, and are available in the iTunes USA store through the links provided.


Team: 3:13, Lorde


Transcendence: 3:45, Lindsey Stirling


Rockin’ That Thang: 5:31, Telephoned


Drumming Up a Storm: 5:58, Bob Holroyd

The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix): 7:28, Morgan Page

Ready, Steady, Go: 4:00, Paul Oakenfold

Kodo (Inside the Sun Remix): 4:13, Yoshida Brothers

Angel on My Shoulder (EDX ReDub): 6:42, Kaskade

Work: 7:57, Kelly Rowland

Time: 4:27, Bond

Adagio for Strings: 5:57, DJ Tiesto

Electric Daisy Violin: 3:15, Lindsey Stirling


Themed blocks can be found here!

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willPower Education Team

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