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The willPower Method® classes are ALWAYS multi-level; challenging to athletes and welcoming to beginners.

Because the willPower IGNITE® drills change each quarter, your student may not have time to complete 10 classes before moving onto the next level.   So, in IGNITE® we allow our students to move to the next level as soon as they are able to.  However – a prerequisite of progressing to the next level is PROFICIENCY.  The client must be proficient at the basic level before moving on.

When your client upgrades to the next level – it’s up to you as their coach to guide them into proper, safe movement – or request that they return to the previous level. Basically – don’t let your student get hurt just because they want to be “Level 3”. You should always introduce the concept of levels in the beginning (pre class) or you can discuss it during your Wall Sit.

Levels are typically taught in Round 2 or Round 3 of the drill.  Round 1 gives ALL students time to be proficient at Level 1… and understand what they should be squeezing and aligning. Level 1 teaches proper muscular engagement and intention.

**Coaching Tip:  it may be tough to remember the levels when you teach your first few classes.  PRINT your class design and bring it with you.  You can sneak a peak during a 10 second recovery, and be prepared for your students as they being their next round!

Level 1 should accommodate most  students.  If you are working with a special population group, then you may need to modify Level 1 to an extreme basic level. If you have only one or two challenged students, then offer them an extreme basic modification that will help them to feel that they are a successful part of  the group.

Level 2 will typically add a level of intensity and/or coordination.

Level 3 is strong and intense.  Remind your students of this:

It doesn’t matter what grade you’re in – just make sure you get an A”

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

willPower Teacher Trainers and Development Coaches guided by program creator, Stacey Lei Krauss. This Team develops tools to enhance your professional skills and fuel your motivation.

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