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IGNITE® Basics: Classroom Management

willPower IGNITE® is a quick moving, sharp, directed workout.  As a coach, your direction must be disciplined to set the tone.

Like all willPower Method® programs, you need to manage the space and people in your class so that you’re are working in an organized formation.  In the IGNITE® workout, this begins with the placement of your mat. Organising the mats will keep your students safe and involved, as well as give you the opportunity to move around the room and coach.

We prefer to use yoga / sticky mats.

If you do not have access to sticky mats, then you will be using thicker “fitness mats” and you will be working on and off the mat throughout the series of drills. When you are OFF the mat, students will stand directly behind it for frontal plane exercises, and to one side for saggital plane exercises. In EVERY pre-class, tell your students to first find their “side to side” space, and then their “forward and back” space.  You need to be sure there are no “traffic jams” during the workout (which can sometimes get chaotic) so your students will need to know exactly where they should be standing at all times. This is especially important for those of you who have very full classes!

When using sticky mats, you will need to get your mats organized during pre-class, and then move them around quite a bit during class.  You will work on the mat for all of your exercises, and the mats in will be used a number of different ways.

  • Cushioning: for back, knees and wrists
  • Alignment: for toes, spine
  • Tactile/ Proprioceptive: when closing eyes during an exercise

During each 2 minute Stretch, you need to direct your students to adjust their mat for the next exercise – or if you don’t have a sticky mat, tell your students when to be on the mat – and when to step behind (“side to side” space) or next to it (“forward and back” space). You’ll see Next Mat Set Up on your Class Design, which is yet another smart reason to print it, and bring it to class with you.

Mats should be placed  in rows, and staggered, so that if everyone is standing in the middle of their mat, they can see themselves in the mirror.  Students should place their water bottle on the corner of their mat.  Advise students to place their water bottle in the same place every week.  (Repetition produces results). Remember, this structured organization is not so much to establish “Who’s Boss” – but more to convey the importance of organization and discipline within the workout.

Sticky mat set up will be different for each exercise.  When using sticky mats, there are various options. Be sure to check your Class Design so that you know which mat set up is coming next.

Full length:  either parallel to the front mirror or perpendicular – dependent upon the exercise

Folded 1/2:  Fold the mat in half, and turn it either parallel to the front mirror or perpendicular – dependent upon the exercise

Wrist Cushion:  Roll or fold one end of the mat 2-3 times (so that the mat looks like “pizza crust”). The small, rolled bit of the mat is perfect for tender wrists.


IGNITE Wrist Cushion Mat Setup

Rolled:  Rolling up the mats after the last drill facilitates the Hot By June sequence.  If you are not using a sticky mat, suggest that your students use a towel – in the way we do in willPower & grace®. You’ll see the rolled mats being used in the video.

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

willPower Teacher Trainers and Development Coaches guided by program creator, Stacey Lei Krauss. This Team develops tools to enhance your professional skills and fuel your motivation.

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