IGNITE® Basics: The exercise Set Up

In between each Drill you will have a 2 minute Stretch. Be sure to read: willPower IGNITE Terminology.

The last 55 seconds of your Stretch is your time to set your students up for the upcoming drill.

10 seconds

Taking Students from the stretch, direct the orientation of the mat for the next drill. They will be moving SLOW coming out of the stretch, so you will need to change your voice. BOOM! they only have about 10 seconds to re-orient their mat.

Get them standing, supine – etc – into whatever their body position will be for the next exercise.

30-40 seconds

Coach them through some very relevant part of the exercise that you typically see causes trouble. For example – in a pushup, we typically see students drop their head or let their lower back sag. You have 30 seconds to practice this movement. Have them drop their head – then lift it high… then find the perfect center.  Have them flex and extend at the lower back a few times, then find the perfect supported flat back.

The approach to your set up can change each week. The set up should not be a slow practice of the exercise. Instead it should be an active rehearsal of what to watch for during the exercise… some ‘sharp point’ that you want to make. You can even use this time to demonstrate the NASAD cue that you’ll be introducing.

Each week, as you teach the exercise, you’ll have the opportunity to observe your students and see what the common mistakes are within each exercise. THESE are the details that you should address in the set-up… just rehearse the areas that are common mistakes.

Be sure the setup is active.  This is a 30-second workshop rather than a “watch me” lecture.

last 10 seconds before the drill begins

The last 10 seconds of Set Up should be the orientation of the absolute starting position for the next exercise… so in each recovery, when you have 3 seconds left you can cue: SET UP! and the students will get right into position.



Stacey Lei Krauss

Stacey Lei Krauss

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