IGNITE® Basics: Terminology

Like with all willPower Method® programs, having a common willPower language is helpful when speaking with other instructors and students.  It’s very efficient, for example if you are subbing for another instructor – and using the same language that she uses.


LAUNCH: There are four unique launches – each launch will provide a class design for you to use for 12 weeks.  Before your launch, you should promote the new exercises within your club.

CLASS DESIGN: The visual representation of your class. A class design designates and describes the drills and stretches. You will be able to download and print your class design, and bring it to class. Following the notes in your class design will ensure that you remember the order of the exercises and levels for each exercise.

CLASS DESIGN TEMPLATE: By Launch 5, you will either return to the Launch One class design, or you will create a unique class design that you create – either using exercises in our IGNITE library, or your own. If you choose to create your own, you will use a template, which will ensure that your exercises are placed correctly, you have a full-body workout, and alternate muscle groups throughout the class.

SETUP: SetUp means two things – be sure to read this post. you might not see this highlighted in the first IGNITE video – but we’ve found its an important piece in teaching good technique.

  • It’s the 55 seconds of teaching time that you have prior to the next drill.
  • It’s what you shout (SETUP!) 3 seconds before the next drill.

DRILL: One exercise, taught with progression, over the course of 4 minutes. This drill contains 8 rounds.

ROUND: One exercise, taught and coached for 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second recovery.

RECOVERY: A 10 bout which is virtually complete rest.  Some stretching *might* be included, but doing *nothing* is also acceptable. The last 3 seconds of the recovery will be setting up for the next drill.

STRETCH: Two minutes of time in between each Drill. During the “stretch time”, 1 minute is spent stretching and the next minute is spent on setting up the next exercise (set up). The stretch exercises are virtually the same in every class, following the class design template – as we know, repetition produces results!

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

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