A willPower ROCKSTAR workout is a willPower & grace® class taught by an entire a TEAM of willPower instructors. This team can be instructors in your club, from your community, or even neighboring states. A ROCKSTAR workout is an AMAZING opportunity to bring LOTS of motivation to your standard class format.

This project will also encourage your local (or in-house) willPower instructors to work together and become a stronger TEAM.

print this page, and use it as your guide


BEGIN with a TEAM LEADER… You will be the organizer!

  1. Allow 3 months lead time.  This sounds like a lot of lead time – but it flies by. Planning in advance will alleviate stress, and allow plenty of time for practice, team-building and promotion.
  2. Collect your team. Reach out and get commitments. 3-7 instructors is IDEAL.
  3. Set your date and time. The class will probably run a little longer than one hour. 90 minutes to 2 hours for the entire event allows space for a meet & greet, announcements and introductions, a 60-75 minute class AND potential refreshments after class – just like a real ROCKSTAR event.
  4. PROMOTE! Use the ROCKSTAR flyer and social media meme to market to your club (or your community).  Be sure to add the day, date, time and all the instructor names.
  5. Create an interesting ROCKSTAR willPower class design using the ROCKSTAR class design instructions and template.
  6. Plan 2 ROCKSTAR team meetings.
    1. Planning Meeting: Evening wine and cheese is a great way to do this – great ideas happen when ladies bond!
    2. The Planning Meeting should be scheduled at least 2 months prior to your event. Rehearsal: Your rehearsal is to run through music, and practice transitions and flow.  The rehearsal should take place approx 1 week prior to your event.
  7. Secure a PHOTOGRAPHER for your event! Maybe this is a friend of yours, or a club member who doesn’t mind missing the workout. All you need is someone who is bold enough to jump around the classroom with a fully charged phone.Your club will LOVE you for all the social media pics, plus you’ll have lots of photos to use to market yourself and your team in the future. Be sure to tag #gotwillPower, #willPowerMethod… and post on our wall!
I’ll admit , there was a little more involved in planning than expected, but the wIN tools helped us get organized and we all felt fully prepared! The willPower ROCKSTAR class breathed fresh inspiration to the Flagstaff Athletic Club, and our willPower team had some cool bonding time together. It was awesome!” – Jennifer Kotalik, Teacher Trainer: Flagstaff AZ
ROCKSTAR team Flagstaff AZ: left to right: Stephanie Galloway, Meghan Felts, Rochelle Bronson, Jennifer Kotalik, Jenn Caputo, Lori Selby, Angie Allen
willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

willPower Teacher Trainers and Development Coaches guided by program creator, Stacey Lei Krauss. This Team develops tools to enhance your professional skills and fuel your motivation.