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Class Formatting: 45-Minute Phase II Class

As a Phase 2 instructor, you will want to add some of your new choreography to class – which is challenging in a 45-minute format. If you are asked to teach a 45-minute class you’ll need to be efficient. There is “play” in the timing of each segment if you shorten it in a smart way.

Shortening a segment will often require that you remove some of the exercises (instead of rushing through choreography). A 45-minute class may look like one of these options:

Phase 2 45-Minute Format A | The willPower Method®


Phase 2: 45-Minute Format A | The willPower Method®



Additional Smart Tips:

Scale Down: Deleting one set of bi-lateral moves  will save a significant amount of time (squat, squat thrust progression, jane fondas, pushup, cougar lunge, plank, plié squat, plank switches, charlie’s angels, butterfly, tricep dips). In other words, when you teach choreography to the right side and teach a bilateral exercise, you do not need to repeat it when you teach choreography on the left side.

Gone (but not forgotten): Remove a few of the exercises – and then, after 4-6 weeks, you can replace them; switching out with a few others.  Keep as many rotational exercises as you can to maintain well-balanced workout content.

Mix and Match: Hot By June fits beautifully “into” the Flexible Strength segment and may be blended smoothly with your careful attention to transition and flow. Be sure to include Elbow Lead Rotation and Reverse Rotation, so that the segment is still rich with torso rotation exercises.

Get organized: Create a 45-minute music playlist, and allow the music to be your timekeeper.  The willPower blocks on our website are perfect for this, since they are each approximately 14 minutes.  Of course, knowing your music WELL is the first step.

Remember:  Your evaluation must be a 60-minute class.  So – practice!

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willPower Education Team

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