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Class Formatting: 45-Minute Phase I Class

When teaching willPower & grace®, a 60-minute format is ideal, but we know that a one-hour class is not always available on a group fitness schedule. If you are asked to teach a 45-minute class you’ll need to be efficient. There is “play” in the timing of each segment if you shorten it in a smart way.

Shortening a segment will require that you remove some of the exercises (instead of rushing through choreography).  You should still always aim for a minimum of 16-repetitions for each exercise, allowing plenty of time to break-down the movements.  Also – remember that we support “precision drills” – so you must teach in a calm, collected, and professional way, worthy of willPower standards.

Scale down: You may opt to only teach ONE of the Cardio Legs sequences.  However, you must be certain that the cardio section still remains the dominant segment of class. So, you might teach more than 16 reps of each exercise. However, after a month – or 6 weeks, be sure to CHANGE your class design, and switch to the other cardio legs sequence.

Gone (but not forgotten): Remove a few of the exercises – and then, after 4-6 weeks, you can replace them; switching out with a few others. Be certain to maintain all of the spinal rotation exercises; they are important for balanced class content and a “balanced body”.

Be efficient: From one side of the choreography to the other, delete some bi-lateral moves to save a significant amount of time.  A bi-lateral exercise works both sides of the body – such as the squat. Other examples are:  squat thrust progression, jane fondas, pushup, cougar lunge, plank, plié squat, plank switches, charlie’s angels. In other words, if you practice these exercises when you do choreography “to the right”, the bi-lateral movements do not need to be repeated when you shift “to the left”.

Get organized: Create a 45-minute music playlist, and allow the music to be your timekeeper.  The willPower music blocks (for sale on The willPower Method® website) are perfect for this, since each block is approximately 14 minutes.  Of course, knowing your music WELL is the first step.

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

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