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Class Design Phase I: Crescendo!

Phase I: Crescendo! – Feel the intensity build in this interesting, fun-to-teach class design. This class was contributed to by NY-based instructor, Jaime Muscato.



jaime-muscatoJaime is an ACE & AFAA certified instructor with specialty training in willPower & grace®, Spinning, and Insanity.  She has been teaching group fitness part-time for more than a decade.  As a full time reading specialist, she brings her love of fitness to her students through active learning strategies in the classroom as well as through a high school fitness club she advises.  Jaime believes that willPower & grace® allows participants of all fitness levels to experience success as they create healthy bodies and minds.

willPower Education Team

willPower Education Team

willPower Teacher Trainers and Development Coaches guided by program creator, Stacey Lei Krauss. This Team develops tools to enhance your professional skills and fuel your motivation.

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