Be a Better Instructor: Move With Integrity

It’s your job to help students integrate willPower (self-control) into their lives, but who helps you build YOUR willPower? Take some sound advice from an incredible role model: Level 3 instructor, international investment banker and national fitness competitor Sarah Ingmanson.



A ROCKSTAR workout is an AMAZING opportunity to bring LOTS of motivation to your standard class format. We’ll give you all the tools so that this event is minimum effort for you, maximum impact with your members!

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Interview with SLK – About The willPower Method® In this episode of Stop Chasing Pain, learn about SLK, the history of…

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Preparing for a Masterclass

The goal of a Masterclass is to spread the message that The willPower Method® belongs in every studio! You’ll provide an experience that makes every instructor in the room think: “I totally want to teach this!”

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Is Marketing Your Responsiblity or Your Club’s?

Whether you run your own studio or work for a large corporate organization, if you don’t get enough warm bodies in the room, you will ultimately lose your time slot. so, step up and use the tools wIN offers!


What’s willPower for girlPower®?

If you are passionate about making exercise and positive philosophy part of your life, broaden your horizons and teach to a new market. Use the attached PDF download as a promotion piece as you pitch girlPower to club directors – the testimonials speak for themselves!

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Why Phase II?

We’ve developed the secret sauce in balancing “pre-programmed workouts” with “freestyle teaching”. We’ll guide you to create individually unique willPower experiences.

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Calling All Talent

SHARE YOUR BEST WITH THE TEAM! The beauty of The willPower Method’s® repetitive sequence is how each instructor approaches the…

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3 Tips for Promoting Your Class

If the idea of “self-promotion” makes you feel icky, just remember that this is not about you. It’s about helping others live healthier lives.



Promote your upcoming masterclass using these marketing tools. Downloadable flyer, social media memes and letter to Program Director attached.


What is willPower Barre-Fusion®?

willpower Barre-Fusion® is a hybrid workout combining ballet, Pilates®, yoga and The willPower Method®. Understand what makes this program unique and marketable to your members.

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Ulusal Sertifikasyon Önemi

If you ask your clients to put their hands behind their head during a squat, you might notice an excessive curve in their lower backs. Is that safe or not safe?

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Education: Private Development Coaching

Private Coaching includes tutorials and practice assignments which elevate your willPower teaching skills and help you to become more successful as a well-rounded fitness professional.


Barre-Fusion®: FAQ’s

Please be patient as we refine and define all aspects of the willPower Barre-Fusion® program. Your questions will help our education team develop a stronger education program.