willPower Seasons (by Power Music®)



The willPower Season albums (by Power Music®) are the preferred music tracks for willPower & grace® classes! This formatted music is as unique as the willPower & grace® program, since it was created exclusively for our specifications!

Each album contains four blocks (or tracks) of mixed music; and each block is 14-15 minutes. Upload onto your computer, then mix and match the blocks to create your own unique playlist!

This mostly instrumental music is infused with affirming lyrics, to inspire and motivate you and your students!

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Product Description

The willPower Season albums (by Power Music®) is licensed, PPL-free music brought to you by the leaders of fitness music, Power Music®. The willPower Seasons albums have energetic music tracks thick with bass (but low on NOISE) keep you on rhythm, and your students focused on your cues.  BPMs range from 123-130;  the perfect speed for any cardio-sculpt activity requiring full range of motion.
Each album contains 4 music blocks (and sometimes you’ll get a bonus cooldown track!).  Each block (or track) is 14-15 minutes of mixed music; with continuous 32-count phrasing. Mix and match 4 tracks from different seasons to create a 60-minute playlist that is unique to to your workout.
The wilPower Seasons are also perfect for: Rhythmic Pilates, Core, TRX, ViPR, Kettlebells, Sculpt, Gliding, Step, Bootcamp, BOSU, BodyBar, Rebounding, Abs workouts, even Indoor Cycling!


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