Plank – Holding Our Own



In this recording, you’ll hear from the willPower Master Instructors; directing you, guiding you, inspiring you and motivating you to “Hold On”!

Download to your phone and take your Pocket Coach with you everywhere! Instructors: use this track in class for an interesting soundtrack as you walk the studio and adjust your clients.

Product Description

Ahhh…The PLANK.

So simple: you can do it anywhere… so effective: it trains virtually all major muscle groups. So versatile: it’s for people of all ages, sizes and shapes. The Plank builds strength from the inside out!

This podcast will coach you through what will eventually become your 3-minute plank. You’ll hear from the willPower Master Instructors, as they guide you with education and inspiration. Can’t do a 3-minute plank now? NO PROBLEM! Start with 20 seconds!


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