willPower IGNITE®

Cosa è willPower IGNITE®?

Aumenta il tuo commerciabilità! Insegnare un nuovo formato di forza di volontà Method®! Questo intervallo di classe in stile TABATA è costruita sulle fondamenta di forza di volontà Method® e alimentato con trapani a turbo-licenziare il tuo metabolismo!


Hot by June: A Happy Modification

Here’s a super-simple Extreme Basic Option for our students who suffer with knee pain during our traditional hamstring stretch. Phase II Instructor Katie…


willPower IGNITE® Basics: Start Here

Congratulations! You’re about to begin your journey into a brand-new willPower Method® program. Start here to get your footing – let us help you maneuver through wIN.


IGNITE® Basics: Terminology

Like with all willPower Method® programs, having a common willPower language is helpful when speaking with other instructors and students. Learn the basic IGNITE® terminology here.

Time | The willPower Method®

IGNITE® Basics: Timing

Coaching is a 2-way street. Students must trust that when you say 20 seconds, it’s ONLY 20 seconds… A timer is a REQUIRED tool for this class.


IGNITE® Basics: Coaching the Rounds

The 8 rounds of work should be taught consistently in every willPower IGNITE® class, so that the client can access a steady build up, and potentially reach local muscle fatigue or anaerobic training by the last round.

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.36.52 PM

IGNITE® Basics: Classroom Management

Like all willPower Method® programs, you manage the space so that you’re are working in an organized formation. In willPower IGNITE® this begins with the placement of your mat.

willPower IGNITE® | The willPower Method®

IGNITE® Basics: Levels

The willPower Method® classes are ALWAYS multi-level; challenging to athletes and welcoming to beginners. IGNITE® levels get progressively more intense and are the foundation for the first 3 rounds of the HIT drill.

willPower IGNTIE® preclass

IGNITE® Basics: Pre-Class

Pre-class sets the tone, establishes the goals and makes the first-timers feel comfortable. In fact: pre-class may be the most important part of the entire class!

Ben Breathless

Get Breathless, Baby

wP&g® is typically taught as steady-state cardio- endurance. But changing to a cardio-interval workout is an interesting way to keep the workout fresh, and a smart way to challenge your advanced students.

MUSIC | willPower Instructor Network

IGNITE®: Music

These are the songs used by SLK in the sample class video here in wIN, and are available in the iTunes USA store through the links provided.

Hot by June | The willPower Method

HOT by June: themed playlists

These themed blocks are formatted with the HBJ floor-work series in mind, ending with bench dips. I’ve used all these blocks for the end of willPower IGNITE® class as well – they’re great!

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.20.54 AM

IGNITE®: Power Music!

From Power Music®: a music mix specifically timed for your willPower IGNITE® class!

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Press Release: willPower IGNITE®

Be sure to let your community know all about willPower IGNITE®! Use the attached press release to promote yourself and your club.

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willPower IGNITE®: EXCITEMENT flyer

Create a buzz in your facility before you launch your newest willPower Method® format. This marketing flyer will appeal to the students looking for high intensity classes.

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willPower IGNITE®: holistic flyer

This marketing piece will appeal to the students looking for mind-body classes with a little something extra. Create a buzz in your facility before you launch your newest willPower Method® format.

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willPower IGNITE®: holistic flyer 2

This 8.5 x 11″ flyer will appeal to the students who prefer mind-body classes. Perfect for a yoga or Pilates studio: promote before you launch your newest willPower Method® format.