water break | willPower Instructor Network copy

Water Breaks with Music Selections

Taking a water break as a group leads to a TEAM approach… and using music as your timer can help you maintain control of your group.

P2 design | willPower instructor Network

Class Design: Splits with Spirit!

Are you having fun with Hot by June? This Phase 2 class design by TT Michelle Damis is incredibly creative – and yet, still “purely willPower”.


ROCKSTAR workout: class design template

It’s time to plan out your willPower ROCKSTAR class design and music. Use the attached template and follow these simple steps for a successful and polished class.


Music: Barefoot Warm-Up Songs

This song-list is a compilation of Barefoot WarmUp songs – along with some excellent tips about how to open your class with a WOW-factor.

willPower FIT STUDIO lobby

The Rock Garden

Our willPower studio opened with an incredible and beautiful feature… a rock garden. Our clients were amazed to learn that it was actually one of our tools to help strengthen and mobilize their feet.

P2 design | willPower instructor Network

Class Design: Getting Hot!

Are you getting Hot By June? This class design by TT Sheri Fox (Sweden) shows you just how easy getting hot can be.

Social Media Tree

willPower & grace® Social Media messaggi

As a willPower & grace® Instructor, you should advertise your classes, and become a recognized personality in your community. Here are some simple social media messages, which will help you get started.



A ROCKSTAR workout is an AMAZING opportunity to bring LOTS of motivation to your standard class format. We’ll give you all the tools so that this event is minimum effort for you, maximum impact with your members!

Phase I Design | willPower Instructor Network

Class Design: Here I Am

This class design by TT Kim Nicol has an unique approach, and is a great example of bringing a unique twist to a standardized method.

Phase I Design | willPower Instructor Network

Class Design, Phase I: Deep

An interesting Phase I design with song list, colorful, mindful cues. Each class design was created by a Teacher Trainer…